Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Hello to all my dear readers, sorry for my little disappearance this past week....it was entirely unplanned, but it was good to take the time and focus on Holy Week.

Why do bad things happen to good people?  That only happened once - and He volunteered.
R.c. Sproul Jr.

I'm so thankful that he did!

Did you all have a good Easter?

Easter was so wonderful this year, Sunrise service, Singing in the choir for all three Easter services, Fellowship with dear friends and family. 

These are some pictures of  the Easter egg hunt at my Grandparents house.


Elyse made her Easter dress this year!

They stretch Him
On a Cross to die ---
Our Lord Who first
Stretched out the sky

Whose countenance
The cherubim
Dare not gaze on …
They spat on Him

And gave Him gall
To drink
Though He
Brings us wells
Of eternity.

He prays for them
“Father, forgive…”
For He was born
That all might live.

Round the sealed tomb
Of Him they’ve slain
They set a guard
In vain, in vain

Round Him
Creation can’t contain
Who dies for us
To rise again.

Who Overcome Evil by Good - By Mary Whitcomb Hess

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